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Our core service. We'll spend the time to properly prepare surfaces before the painting begins. From pressure washing to sanding, glazing, caulking, and priming, the extensive prep work is the key to a quality paint job.

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Whatever you need, from custom facades to interior re-design or a simple change of color, we're here to help.

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Is your industrial site in need of maintenance? Call us for a thorough maintenance program for your building.

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Not just painting, want to add a door? enclose a carport? design a new interior or exterior space? Let us help.

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Drywall Repair

We can repair and make it look like it's new.

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Let us help you change the look of interiors with new wall coverings for any space.

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Where Quality and Customer Satisfaction Come First.

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How do I inspect my  property?

March 15, 2019

This is something the homeowner needs to do several times a year. It's not difficult or take  long time to do. Just a quick stroll on a nice day and pay attention to several different items. In no particular order look at trees, drainage, roofing, gutters, eaves, windows, and doors, Let's start with trees, the trees close to the building being more important. Are they diseased or dying, partially broken limbs hanging on endangering the home.

      Make a note of the condition of the drainage around the home. On newer homes the swale allows the water to drain away from the foundation. On older homes the swale has filled in, allowing the surface water run toward the foundation. this is a serious problem for any house and needs to be remedied. Fortunately the corrective measures are less expensive than having water infiltration under a crawlspace or slab. 

     General condition of roofing materials probably one of the most important systems on the home. If the roofing is fairly new a simple visual inspection from the ground is sufficient. Older roofing might need a closer look, problem areas are valleys, chimneys, skylights, or any roof penetrations. Always better to stay ahead of  roofing issues before they can cause water damage inside the home.          

   Gutters and eaves are next, are the gutters clean and draining well? If not, overflowing gutters can damage any part of the home exposed to the water. On eaves look for  discoloration and mildew that might indicate water damage and rot. If you see possible water damage on the eaves it also can signal water infiltration into the adjacent walls.

   Windows and doors require more attention to detail and a small amount of maintenance yearly will save major dollars as opposed to replacement. The more exposed to weather the more maintenance required. Look closely at the condition of the caulk and paint. We don't want to see any gaps or cracks that would allow water to have a way to get into the wall or under the paint finish.

paiAs a homeowner or property manager a quick visual inspection will make you aware of any problems and save you money by taking care of minor problems before they turn into major problems.